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Laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive procedure, results in less overall pain and a shorter recovery time, and can be performed in-office.

Your annual well-woman visit is your time to connect with your provider to ask questions, discuss your overall health, and work together to determine your health goals.

Choosing birth control is a personal decision each woman should make based on her needs. With so many options available, meeting with your healthcare provider can help you confidently make the best choice for you.

It’s normal for most women to experience changes to their bones over time. Have your bone density regularly tested to help prevent and treat osteoporosis.

To help you feel your best, many of our locations offer cosmetic procedures, including Laser Hair Removal and Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Heavy or abnormal menstrual cycles should not interrupt your life. Endometrial Ablation can help to reduce menstrual bleeding and help you manage symptoms.

An endometriosis diagnosis is the first step our providers take in determining specialized treatment to help you manage chronic pain.

Managing your gynecological health is easy with the help of our experienced providers. From pap tests, UTI treatments, pregnancy, and menopausal care, our providers are here to support you.

If you need a surgical procedure done, many of our providers can perform in-office surgeries to ensure your comfort and safety.

Our locations proudly care for patients of all gender and sexual identities and orientations. If you are planning to grow your family, talk to your provider about your options.

For women over 40 or women with high-risk breast cancer symptoms, routine mammography screenings are essential for identifying cancerous signs and supporting your breast health.

Women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy can receive specialized care and support from our compassionate and knowledgeable maternal-fetal medicine providers.

As your reproductive years come to an end, your healthcare provider can help you manage menopausal symptoms with a range of treatments, including medications, hormone therapies, or lifestyle changes.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for urinary control, continence, and sexual function. Your provider can provide recommendations for optimal pelvic floor health.

From pre-conception counseling to determining a safe labor and delivery plan for mom and baby, our providers are thrilled to support your growing family.

Your Square Care provider supports all your healthcare needs, including primary care. With our primary care services, you can consistently see the same trusted providers throughout your life.

Women’s healthcare is constantly evolving to provide effective treatment and advanced procedures, including robotic surgery. Resulting in less pain and recovery time, you can receive the care you need from providers you trust.

Telehealth appointments allow our providers to conveniently treat more women. If making the trip to your Square Care location isn’t feasible, you can make a telehealth appointment to receive personalized care and recommendations.

Conditions such as vaginitis and vulvodynia are a common experience for many women. Your provider can diagnose and treat pain around the vulva to help you manage symptoms.

Take Care Of Your Health Today with Square Care Medical Group

At Square Care Medical Group, we have 60+ providers who are solely dedicated to providing the best all-around women’s healthcare services in the Long Island and NYC Metropolitan areas. With more than two dozen locations, we make it easy to receive high-quality care. Find your nearest provider to book the services you need today!