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During Your Well-Woman Visit

When you come to one of our 16 practices for your well-woman visit, our focus is on detecting any early stages of cervical cancer. Your provider may need to perform an exam at this time, and they’ll discuss any related symptoms you’re experiencing.

If you have additional concerns or health questions, we encourage you to ask our providers about scheduling a consultation visit.

Your Comfort Is Important to Us

Our number one goal during your visit is to help you feel at ease. Our offices provide a comfortable and warm environment, giving you space to focus on speaking to your dedicated provider. Our providers will do what they can to ensure your comfort each time you visit our office.

What about a Pap Test or Pelvic Exam?

Your provider will discuss with you the recommended frequency of pelvic exams, Pap smears, and breast exams. This is individualized based on each woman’s age and medical history.

Clinical Breast Exam

Most well-woman visits will also include a clinical breast exam. This exam can be done while you’re either sitting or lying down. Your provider will use their hands to check your breasts for any changes in size or shape, puckers, dimples, or redness of the skin. This exam doesn’t hurt and most women have a clinical breast exam with no issue. However, if you’re uncomfortable at any point during the exam, let us know.

Meet With Your Square Care Medical Group Provider

Even if you’re not due for a Pap or HPV test or a pelvic exam, it’s still important to meet with your Square Care Medical Group provider annually for your well-woman visit. This is your time to discuss your overall health with your provider in a comfortable setting.

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