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With the right support throughout your pregnancy, our providers can prioritize the safety of you and your baby and help you prepare for the many changes that come with it.

Pre-Conception Planning 

Before you become pregnant, you can schedule a pre-conception visit with your provider. During this visit, you may receive counseling and evaluations to prepare you for the process of conceiving and pregnancy. Your provider can recommend any supplements or fertility assessments that best fit your family plans and personal health. 

Pregnancy Care 

During your pregnancy, you’ll meet regularly with your healthcare provider to track the health of you and your baby. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and receive counseling and screenings from your provider. 

These visits will also include ultrasound examinations, which are first performed during the first trimester (prior to 12 weeks) to confirm the health of your pregnancy. An ultrasound can then be performed during the last 20 weeks of pregnancy to confirm your due date, check the baby’s health and anatomy, locate the placenta, and determine the sex of your baby. 

Labor and Delivery 

When it comes time for labor and delivery, you can rely on the continued support of our Square Care Medical Group providers. Throughout your pregnancy, you and your provider will determine a labor and delivery plan, ensuring your comfort and safety as we prioritize your health and your baby’s.

After your delivery, our providers will monitor your recovery, health, and comfort. We can also help you achieve your breastfeeding goals and answer any questions you have as you adjust to your new life. 

Talk to Your Square Care Medical Group Provider About Pregnancy Care

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, finding a reliable healthcare provider is the first step to ensuring a safe, comfortable pregnancy. You can rely on support from your Square Care Medical Group provider through every pregnancy stage.

Contact your provider today to make a pre-conception visit or prenatal appointment.