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Our Patient Satisfaction Score Is 97%

Providing high-quality service is our top goal when you visit a Square Care Medical Group location. We want you to feel that your health is our priority—because it is. With us, you always come first, and it shows in our 97% satisfaction score from our patients across all 16 locations throughout Long Island and NYC.

We’re Dedicated to Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

We know that every woman’s health is unique to her. At Square Care Medical Group, we specialize in all areas of healthcare for women, including obstetrics, gynecology, and primary care services. We have an ongoing commitment to advancing care and bringing the latest services and technologies to our patients. By offering multi-specialty services with a focus on women’s health, we’re able to provide the most comprehensive care possible.

Our Providers Offer a Consistent Presence

Your healthcare is personal, so you need to be able to trust your provider completely. The providers at Square Care Medical Group are passionate about forming long-term relationships with the women we serve. From your first well-woman visit to obstetric and menopausal care—and all visits in between—your provider is a familiar face across the entirety of your healthcare journey.

Meet Your Dedicated Square Care Medical Group Provider Today

At Square Care Medical Group, you’re more than a patient. We build lasting relationships with every woman we see at any of our practices. If you take charge of your health and meet with a compassionate and experienced group of providers who put women’s healthcare first, contact us to request an appointment today.