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Who Are We

With decades of clinical excellence, Square Care Medical Group has been leading the way for women’s health across Long Island and the NYC metro area. Today, with over 15 locations and 60+ providers, we are the largest and most successful private ObGyn group in the area. We are proud of our standards of clinical excellence that result from the exchange of ideas and information between physicians across the region.

As leaders in providing value-based care, we are making a lasting impact on women’s healthcare. We invite you to explore opportunities to join us on this mission to transform women’s healthcare.

Why Square Care Medical Group?

Are you ready to grow your practice and your income, while also reducing your stress levels? When you join Square Care Medical Group, you and your clinical team will benefit in a number of ways. You will be better positioned to reduce your team’s administrative burden, ensure compliance, and empower your practice’s success under value-based care initiatives.

As part of the Square Care Medical Group’s network, your practice will have the support of an established organization that is experienced in weathering the changes of a dynamic economic environment and an often-challenging healthcare landscape.

Most importantly, you will be supported in your goal of improving the quality of women’s healthcare in Long Island and New York City. A relationship with Square Care Medical Group benefits your relationship with your patients as well. You will continue to focus on providing quality personalized patient care while Square Care Medical Group takes care of the non-clinical aspects of your practice.

A relationship with Square Care Medical Group also benefits your relationship with your patients. Our high-tech, high-touch approach enables you to offer the personalized, value-based care they want and deserve.

What We Do

Your mission as a medical professional in the field of women’s health is to provide the highest quality care available for your patients. At Square Care Medical Group, we take care of the business side of your independent practice to enable you to do just that.

We ease your administrative burden by helping you with:

Marketing, to reach new patients and expand your practice.

  • Data collection and analysis, to ensure patient satisfaction.
  • Expense reduction, with savings that directly accrue to your practice.
  • Human resources, including recruitment and payroll.
  • Revenue increase, for a more profitable practice.

How to Join

Are you ready to learn more about this exciting opportunity for your independent practice to be a part of Square Care Medical Group? Let’s talk about the qualifications and benefits for your ObGyn practice.