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Each woman has unique health goals that change throughout her life. Our providers are here with you for the long term so we can grow and evolve your care alongside you. As your primary care providers, we’re able to offer recommendations that are specific to you. Request an appointment with a provider near you throughout Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area.

Women’s Healthcare Provider near Me

We have over 60 providers at our 16 (and growing) locations across Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area. When you make an appointment at Square Care Medical Group, you create a relationship with your providers, who will continue to support you as your healthcare needs change.

Consistency sets our providers apart. We’re proud to say that most of our team chooses to stay with us for the duration of their careers, offering you a regular presence throughout your life.

Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Ob/Gyn or Primary Care Service Providers

Whether you’re due for an annual exam, mammogram, pregnancy care, or any other women’s healthcare services, request an appointment at Square Care Medical Group. Our providers specialize in areas of primary and women’s healthcare. Find your nearest provider today!